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The use of PU pipe

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The use of PU pipe: suitable for industrial, agricultural, food, medicine, civil engineering, fisheries, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other fields of general work pressure of liquid delivery. Such as: pneumatic pipe, hydraulic pipe, garden water pipes, oil, water pipelines, oil exploration pipes, sandblasting pipe, peristaltic pump hose, etc..

Characteristics of PU tube:

1, good oil resistance, is the natural rubber oil resistance of 15-20 times;
2, good wear resistance, is 30-50 times the wear properties of natural rubber;
3, good aging resistance, natural rubber aging resistance of 5 times;
4, high tensile strength is 3 times of natural rubber
5, with high elasticity, high elongation, high strength;
6, good damping performance, smooth inner wall, small liquid resistance, less hydraulic loss;
7, beautiful appearance, small bending radius, non-toxic, tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, light and flexible, the weight of the rubber hose is thirty percent to seventy;
8, flame retardant, non-toxic tasteless. Impact resistance, fatigue resistance, safe and reliable;
9, the transmission of corrosive chemical media or organic solvents. (for example: loading and unloading ammonia, acetone, etc.).
10, conveying high temperature gas, hot oil and other high temperature media. (e.g., hot steam, heat transfer oil, etc.).
11, the delivery of low temperature or ultra-low temperature medium. (e.g. liquid nitrogen).
12, high temperature environment, water, steam, oil and other media. (e.g., steam and water systems in coking, steelmaking and continuous casting equipment).
13, the need to shock absorption or noise elimination pipeline.

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